Baldrige is BIGGER in Texas

Baldrige is Bigger in Texas

Baldrige is Bigger in Texas. As a local small business in Texas, we take a lot of pride in everything Texas. As most Texans do.

One of the things we are particularly proud of is the great success our Texas partners have achieved in their Baldrige efforts.

Baldrige Milestones

Below is a summary of how Texas does Baldrige Bigger.

  • 92 Texas applicants for the Baldrige Award (2005–2020).
  • 19 MBNQA Award winners since 1990.
  • 7 Texas award applicants in 2017–2020 represent 20,968 jobs, 179 work locations, over $879 million in revenues/budgets, and an estimated 3.9 billion customers served.
  • 28 Baldrige examiners from Texas volunteered about $630,000 in services in 2020.

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Alamo Colleges

We are particularly proud of our partners that have acted as role model organizations. These role models help to demonstrate how committing to excellence can transform an organization. Just listen to what NIST had to say about one recent award winner Alamo Colleges. An organization we are privileged to have partnered with.

Alamo Colleges District is the largest provider of higher education in South Texas. Its five independent colleges provide two-year degrees that focus on preparing students to transfer to baccalaureate-granting institutions and workforce development programs. Alamo’s goal is to help build new careers and meet the needs of local businesses by providing a future-ready workforce.

  • 150% increase in 4-year graduation rate, the best in the state.
  • Increase in scholarship awardees from 580 to 2,175, and increase in amount from $500,000 to over $2 million.
  • Doubling in number of degrees and certificates awarded over 4 years, 3 times the state norm
  • 88.4% student satisfaction with the overall educational experience, more than 2 points higher than the national norm.

Other Texas Role Models

Our other award winners from the great state of Texas include:

  • Clarke America Checks, Inc., Manufacturing, 2001
  • Park Place Lexus, Small Business, 2005
  • Hill Country Memorial, Health Care, 2014

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