How the Coronavirus Killed Huddling Around Corkboards

Join us for Episode 14 of Facilitating Extraordinary as we catch up with Rita Urbanek from Hill Country Memorial in Fredricksburg, Texas. In this episode, Rita, the current Director of Population Health at Hill Country Memorial Hospital discusses how she and her teams are staying connected and focused on achieving the organization’s mission during this unprecedented time. In the past, caregivers (the employees at Hill Country Memorial) were able to connect in person, around huddle boards, to discuss and solve problems. In the current era, huddling together has become a challenge. As a response, Rita and the leadership team at Hill Country Memorial have invested in a cloud-based solution that allows for seamless information sharing and direction setting, while measuring progress to goal in real-time – helping to notify teams when their processes are not performing to the expected standard.

We hope you enjoy Episode 14. To learn more about how digitizing your organization’s goal-setting process can help your organization become extraordinary, please visit our Performance Excellence Operating System page.